ELSEWHERE...... Dutch fashion to get you noticed

In 2003 the Dutch fashion brand Elsewhere is established by designer Sylvia Elders, driven by her vision on creating suitable clothes with a fine balance between style, quality and price. 

The timeless collection characterizes itself by her own creative style, feminine silhouette and neutral colours.
Black, as being the base color, will be available in every seasons collection.
LEEZZA offers 2 collections a year in the size range 36 (S) until 46 (XXL)
Refined simplicity and style are being combined into a unique product. With every product we info you what the measurement of the ready made product are - so you can compare this with fashion items in your wardrobe

ELSEWHERE 15 JAAR - vanaf 8 oktober tot en met 31 oktober ontvangt u bij een ELSEWHERE aankoop vanaf €49,95 een leuke attentie! 

OPEN HUIS zaterdag 27 OKTOBER september zijn wij open.  11.00 - 17 00Vrij parkeren voor de deur!