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Zsiska basic necklace BLISS
black blue red gray lime Orange + 3 more
Zsiska bead BLISS - faceted
Blue Yellow Green Turquoise Wine Red pink white + 5 more
Zsiska bead BLISS - CHILL
From $14.00
Black and white Black Red Blue Orange white green + 4 more
Zsiska bead BLISS - GLITZ flock
red blue green yellow silver Gold + 3 more
Zsiska bead bliss - bead - vive chill
Black Taupe White blossom fuchsia Red coral Bordeaux Yellow Ocher lime Olive Green sea ​​green Turquoise Blue navy + 14 more
Zsiska bead BLISS - Cube - solid colors
Black White Taupe fuchsia Cherise Bordeaux Red Orange Yellow Olive Green Turquoise Blue navy + 11 more