We start the story of Zsiska's jewelry in the early nineties when the Amsterdam goldsmith Siska Schippers left for Thailand. She traded gold and silver for synthetic resin and experimented with different techniques and dyes. This resulted in beads that look like glass due to the high-quality (transparent) finish, but are much lighter due to the material. Now under the label ZSISKA Design released two collections per year.

If you like artistic and eye-catching necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, then you are in the right place with the jewelry from ZSISKA. The special collection ranges from classic to extravagant. Due to the striking use of color and the luxurious finish, the jewelry is real eye-catchers.

A big advantage of synthetic resin is that it is lightweight. This makes the jewelry pleasant to wear, even if you choose jewelry with large beads or elements.

Synthetic resin is used in all beads. In some collections additional materials such as silver leaf, gold leaf, Swarovski elements or pearls are used. The special thing is that every piece of jewelry is made by hand. The greatest care is taken when casting, polishing and assembling. You can see this in the following video:


Serena Alders
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