Jurianne Matter Twig Leaves black

€4,45 €8,95

Twig is a graphic interior decoration by Jurianne Matter. In a few minutes you can turn a set into a Twig rank in the middle of your festively set table.

Each black paper sheet is pre-punched and has slits through which you can thread the black aluminum wire. Once laced you can go wild with the possibilities! Bend the wire around and you create a wreath, thread a long garland and you can let the tendril of your tall cabinet swing down.

And if you still have a piece of wire and some leaves left over, turn a present into a gift that no one wants to unwrap, so beautiful...

3 cards with a total of 57 pre-punched leaves and 4 meters of aluminum wire.

Size leaves:
between 2 and 3 cm.